Harlot Bike WearHarlot Bike Wear

Welcome to Harlot Bike Wear!

Come in, grab a cold one, and feel free to look around.

The first thing you will notice is Harlot’s new logo. Simply put, the heart represents life ~ the way your heart beats, matching the rhythm of your pedal strokes, and love ~ the indescribable love you feel when you have a great day on your bike. As Harlot’s new owner, and an avid mountain biker, I’m putting my heart into all aspects of the company, and I want that to shine through.

The menus above will guide you to original Harlot Clothing Co. merchandise at closeout prices as well as new logo tees, hats & socks with saucy designs that I think you’re going to love.

Design work continues on new Harlot tops, jackets, shorts and knickers, which will still be proudly Made in the USA. We want to get the fit, style and features just right, just for you. New styles are coming in the spring using innovative performance fabrics that feel great next to your skin and look great on you. We see a demand for this type of clothing for women, and we won’t shy away from extending our size range to fit women who may not be perceived as “athletic” by some, but prove that they are indeed athletes by kicking ass on and off the bike every day. You know who you are.

Who knows, we might even start a revolution. 


Michelle Thomsen