How to ride a bike with style ?

When we biked it feels very well balanced? But unfortunately, we should stop and continue to maintain balance - then we reverse immediately. Playing style cycling is a sport that is not given to anyone who can ride a bike.

The secret of two-wheeled equipment

Speed ​​is the main condition of the bicycle operation. Everyone knows from the practice except that it is difficult to control a stationary bike. Sooner or later, he bows with his driver on one side or the other. Here, a force affecting all humans on earth, it is gravity. And there is a second force that plays a key role in cycling is the centrifugal force. Everything is a matter of the law of physics. With the bike whose gravity is down, the centrifugal force on the side.

The cyclist in stylish mode

Basically, cycling is nothing but a constant struggle between these two forces. The force of gravity and centrifugal force allows the rider to stay balanced, so avoid falling.

The best way to understand this is to draw. Students know how the physics teacher symbolizes the direction and strength of a force: with arrows called vectors. If you draw an arrow on the bike with the force of gravity and centrifugal force acting against it at right angles, you can build a summation of arrow. This arrow must exactly match the inclination of the wheel, if one wants to get a balance. Otherwise, it will inevitably cause a shifting or falling. You can take a pencil and draw the diagram to better visualize this theory. So, if you go straight quickly, the sense of direction always fluctuates around the equilibrium position. More cycling is slow, more coordination is difficult. And sometimes too small to compensate for the overturning moments. Especially when a bike is slower than a pedestrian on the road, it's hard.

Then, the driver has to correct quickly and violently the handlebars for balance. Driving too fast can not only be dangerous but slow is not recommended.