Favorite clothes of cyclists

The quality of clothing is recommended when cotton starts on sports. Cycling is a sport for everyone and it is important to be equipped when you do sport. On the clothes of the rider, boohoo collection is requested.

Boohoo goes cycling

Cotton clothing are recommended when cycled, because moisture is not only absorbed, but also stored. Transportation outward barely held. The soaked material feels moist to the skin. Functional underwear high quality is significantly more breathable than conventional cotton. The functional fiber structure allows the fabric to quickly absorb excess moisture. The latter is then released to the outside where it can evaporate. This keeps your skin pleasantly dry.

Boohoo is a must in summer

In winter, a high-quality underwear serves as an additional layer to keep you warm. But even in summer, a vest can be a great compliment. It transports excess moisture and heat to the outside, allowing you to stay cool and dry. A basic cyclist therefore underwear is part of the equipment in summer and winter. You will find a wide selection of breathable cycling jerseys on boohoo with short sleeves, women's suits, men and children, as well as heating jackets with long sleeves for the hot season.

Reliable pants for cycling

A bike sports saddle is not as comfortable as a sofa. To avoid unnecessary irritation, so it is advisable to drive with a seat cushion. This alleviates the inequalities of the road and the trail and guarantees driving pleasure even longer. If your shorts cycling or mountain biking has no built-in seat cushion, you can combine it with a padded cycling underwear. An unbeatable combination for added comfort on the bike is available on this site.

You can now visit the buying guide to find out in detail the points at which you must be careful when buying each piece of sportswear and how to determine the optimal size.

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